Prof. Derya Baran

Derya is an assistant professor at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. The technology which powers Iyris was born from her research group. Derya has a scientific background in efficient organic photovoltaics where she is renowned amongst the research community.


Dr. Nicola Gasparini

Nicola is a scientist credited with making many recognised advances in the field of organic photovoltaics and electronics. The breakthrough technology development which makes Iyris technology so visually transparent whilst still generating electricity was born from Nicola’s research.


Dr. Daniel Bryant

Daniel has expertise both in scientific research as well as innovative technology startups. Daniel has worked closely with universities and companies to develop emerging solar technologies. An entrepreneur at heart, Daniel co-founded a startup working to recycle medical plastic waste in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Joel Troughton

Joel is a scientist and engineer with experience in bringing new solar energy technologies closer to market. Having been involved with large European projects on the up-scaling of new photovoltaic technologies with both large industrial and academic partners, Joel works to bring Iyris technology to the building-scale.